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Home Dashboard

The home dashboard is what welcomes the user after logging in Cervantes. This dashboard present at a glance insight information about projects, vulnerabilities, clients

Home Dashboard

ProjectNumber of projects
VulnerabilitiesNumber of vulnerabilities across all projects
TasksNumber of tasks across all projects
ClientsNumber of clients
Projects PercentagesProject grouped by status (active, archived, waiting)
Active ProjectsShows a list of teh active projects
Recent ClientsShows a list of recent clients
Recent DocumentsShows a list of recent documents
Recent VulnerabilitiesShows the most recently reported vulnerabilities
Vulnerabilities StatusVulnerabilities grouped by status (open, confirmed, accepted,…)

Workspace Dashboard

The Workspace dashboard is what welcomes the user in a specific project. This dashboard present at a glance insight information about a specific project vulnerabilities, tasks, targets and more Note: This dashboard is only accessible by users enrolled in projects

Home Dashboard

VulnerabilitiesNumber of vulnerabilities inside the project
TasksNumber of tasks inside the project
TargetsNumber of targets inside the project
MembersNumber of members inside the project
NotesNumber of notes inside the project
AttachmentsNumber of attachments inside the project
My TasksShows a list of tasks assigned to you
TargetsShows a list of targets
MembersShows a list of members enrolled in the project
Recent VulnerabilitiesShow a list of recent vulnerabilities
Vulnerabilities by severityVulnerabilities grouped by severity (critical, high, medium,…)
Recent NotesShow a list of recent notes